Tips for Shooting a Commercial in Croatia

Shooting a commercial in Croatia can be a lot of fun, but you’ll have to do your research before you get there and know what to expect from the weather and the locals. Since we live in the area and shoot commercials here, we have some advice to help you ensure that your shoot goes off without a hitch! Here are our tips for shooting a commercial in Croatia. A commercial production team will typically have a variety of locations, and logistics to plan: When you’re shooting abroad, you have to work with transportation companies and local hotels, secure equipment and materials, get permissions from property owners, and much more. This can be stressful but there are ways to keep on top of your schedule even when you’re far from home. Check out our list of tips for planning your shoot in Croatia—from working with local producers to dealing with permits.

Casting the Right Models

You want beautiful people who look like your customers, but what does that mean? A quick online search will reveal mountains of data about average body sizes and beauty ideals. But basing casting decisions on that alone is bad news. While you do want good-looking people, averages won’t tell you anything about your ideal customer beyond their sex and age range. One thirty-something male won’t be representative of every thirty-something man, so it doesn’t make sense to use average features or weight as a guidepost when making decisions.

Finding the Best Locations

Because you’re shooting in a foreign country, you may not be able to find local talent to shoot with you. Instead, look for places that don’t require any actors or extras. For example, shooting on location at a shop that sells watches is one idea. Of course, not all locations are free—you may have to pay for access or rental of certain places—but if it means saving money on talent fees and travel costs, it might be worth it. While exploring your options, make sure to confirm that all your permits are covered as well. There’s nothing worse than arriving on set only to realize some paperwork hasn’t been filed!

Working with Actors and Crew

Many of us have seen (and loved) America’s Next Top Model, but it’s important to remember that reality TV isn’t always what it seems. When you’re shooting a commercial, there are many elements to consider: from working with crew members to knowing your local laws and regulations regarding discrimination and child labor. Taking some time before production begins to brush up on your knowledge will make things easier on set—and help you avoid costly mistakes later.

Getting Permits

When planning your commercial shoot, it’s important to make sure you’re working with people who have experience with the local area. The last thing you want is your shoot to be delayed due to permits and location issues. Partnering up with an ad agency or production company will ensure that everything runs smoothly and on time. If you have any questions about planning or logistics during filming, your partners will be available during filming to address them. With an established firm behind you, even shooting abroad can be stress-free.

Working with Partners

In foreign countries, unfamiliarity with customs and laws can create problems. Start by contacting local embassies and asking who to contact or check with before working on a project. You may find that you’ll need to work with partners and agents who can help you find locations, actors, and permits—as well as serving as mediators and cultural translators during your shoot. Make sure these connections know what you need ahead of time, so they don’t waste your time or run up your budget. Also make sure they are aligned with your goals; be wary of those who push extras that may not be necessary—like unlicensed actors or untrained crew members—to get their cut of the action.

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